Work in progress

Weeks are vanishing and the house should be getting ready to move in. We have actually passed already our deadline 15th of June, but as the house still doesn’t have water or electricity, it’s impossible to move in. The next target is now end of June. It will be surely tight one, but at the moment the house is full of guys really pushing to be finished next week. The most time consuming parts has been done already, so now it’s more installation work that needs to be done. Wooden floors, kitchen, sanitary, windows and doors will be all installed in next few days. Hopefully they will have some time to clear out all the rubbish too, as it will be a real bad combination with children and dogs in half finished house anyway. No matter what will happen, ready or not, this surely will be the beginning of summer holidays, we will all remember for years.

Looking back, at the end of April, more or less all of the demolition works were done. The floors were prepared for underfloor heating. The pipes for electricity, radiators and water were installed inside the walls, and in same cases, in floors too.

In May the focus was with the floors. A lot of concrete were brought inside. Everything looked pretty bad, grey and miserable, but the most important things were installed now.

Beginning of June, the house finally started to look like a proper house. The walls and ceilings had the final layers of concrete or plaster. They were drying and waiting for the paint. Now the house was white, inside out!

DSC06899 DSC06901 DSC06954 DSC06968 DSC07007 DSC07063