Wooden floor

I love our new wooden floors. We chose oak because of it’s superb quality in all climates. It’s also a typical wood that can be found here and in Scandinavia too. In Andalucia the wooden floors need to be floating as it will react by expanding with climate changes. For some reason, which I still don’t understand even though I’ve been explained several times, the planks were glued straight on concrete. For me the floating means it’s not fastened from anywhere, so it should be literally floating on top of the under layer carpet. Well, this must be some spanish floating floor, which is fine as long as it will not rise up. Otherwise it matches perfectly with old terracotta tiles and bricks by creation lovely combination of old and new. Some sanding needs still to be done, as they had problems while installing the edge boards. The floor level wasn’t even enough and they had to make it straight by sanding. This of course ruined the factory varnish and I’m a bit concerned whether they will be able to fix it the way we can live without worrying every time we drop something on the floor. We chose this specific parquet exactly because it had the qualities good enough even for the public space.


DSC07649 DSC07528 DSC07514