Although the window profiles were among the first things we ordered in March, they are nearly the last pieces to be installed. Choosing the windows began by picking the right material and price range. We were looking for good quality windows with reasonable pricing and had a plethora of manufacturers to choose from. The delivery time was also a key parameter while choosing a supplier.

From the very start, I had a strong vision of the look and feel of the windows to be. Quite often windows are invisible, white or light grey tones and understated. I wanted instead to use the windows to create a modern feeling to the house. Eventually I chose black frames with very thin decorative cross profiles in the middle. Because we were building a traditional finca with modern influences, the material choice was easy. Wooden frames felt too traditional and PVC too artificial for our house. Aluminium was a perfect middle priced alternative. We chose a local supplier with good quality products equivalent to well-known international window brands, produced close to our home and at a reasonable price. We also considered warranty and maintenance in the future years, which should be easier with a local family company.

The decorative profiles I wanted to have turned out to be tricky. The first option offered was a plastic profile between the glasses. This would have been perfect when cleaning the window, but it really looked so cheap. Next option was the same profile glued on both sides of glass. It was better, but still would have been better without any trimmings. Finally they promised to order aluminium trimming that was exactly the same thickess as the frames. They needed two different thicknesses are the frames were different outside and inside. Brilliant, this was exactly what we were looking for! So one more final sample was made for us. It was almost perfect, but now the glueing of the trim was very visible. Although I felt like a very difficult customer, I asked them to try 3M-tape. Our architects took it even further with the larger windows, by adding a third profile between the glasses.

Because many of the windows are facing south, these glasses have UV protection to keep the heat outside. In the central patio, the glazing was ordered with 6+6 mm safety glass, instead of normal 8 mm. This was to prevent anyone from falling through the glass and injury.