This week I’ve been inspired by Marie Kondo. Her book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying is brilliant. For the interior designers the tidying and cleaning are the first and most important tasks to start any project. And honestly quite often, it could be the only thing that is needed to do the upgrade in several spaces. For me this book has been the much needed help to try to keep my wardrobe tidy. I do love that the house is organised and you have an own place for every single thing. It saves so much time when you don’t have to spend finding things in a hurry. But one space I haven’t been able to keep tidy is my wardrobe. So after reading the part of the book about organising your wardrobe, I also watched the YouTube videos how to fold your clothes. And of course then I organised my wardrobe. I’m so happy how it looks, and how much easier it is too see all of the clothes at once. So of course for the new house, I’ll design the wardrobe the way this new way of folding will work better. I think it will only need a lot of shelves and drawers, and maybe some shelf dividers. So it should very very simple and basic wardrobe really. I think Ikea shelving units will work there perfectly.