The demolition

This week has been amazing, what a start with our project. On Monday afternoon the house started to look more orange than red. Every corner was full of guys with orange vests carrying furniture to the storage or to the skip. Already on Monday the house started to look very empty.

Tuesday the walls of master bedroom were down (I’ll explain my plan there later). Wednesday the kitchen walls disappeared. So what is that talk about mañana-workmen? If the guys continue with this speed, I’ll be the one struggling seriously with the timetable of my fixed furniture! Some changes came up also immediately. The tube of the fireplace continued only until the next floor. In the master bedroom it changed into a rectangular shaped duct made of bricks only. We decided not try to fix the tube, but replace it and renew the old fireplace. Quite often it’s much cheaper to build a new one than repair the old. And this is true with the houses too, but hopefully not in our case. We also opened the exterior wall to see how the house has been built. The walls are made of two brick walls with a good gap in the middle. This is the correct way to built here I was told, no damp. I can believe it as the air inside the house has always been very fresh and rooms never too cold. So it must work as a good insulation too.