The demolition part always brings some surprises and our house is no different. But no, we haven’t found any diamonds (hah at least they have not brought to me). The house was built by a swiss diamond dealer family, so that’s why there have been little hope of some hidden sparkles. What was found though, was much expected asbestos. Luckily it’s been used only in main drainage ducts, so we can just leave it behind the walls and floor, and renew the ducts.

Downstairs we removed the existing floor tiles planning to renew them. The floor had been built very poorly and lightly, just on top of the ground, so now it has to be rebuild. It’s important to have a proper water insulation too.

Third problem that was arised, was the fence by the park. It’s been cracked from several places and also falling towards the park.I really hope we don’t have to rebuild it as it’s not a visible wall. While I was walking in the park, I realised how all the other fences have the holes in the walls. In theory it should work, if they will just add the holes and support the wall as the architect proposed. The water will then be forwarded to the park instead of our garden, where it’s only causing the pressure to the fence.

Building in Spain is so much more easier than what I’m used to. They have thin and thicker bricks and volá, wall has been built. No wonder knocking down the walls is so quick! Check the pictures, no insulation or wall frames. You can also see how the tiles have been fastened on the wall. Instead of spreading the mortar to the whole wall it’s been only put behind the tile. Not very pro way of tiling I think.