The switch range we ended up choosing was ABB Niessen Olas in colour Blanco Jazmín. This specification I just found out by googling myself. The whole process of choosing the range, happened months ago while the demolition work had just started and we were choosing the electrician for the job. He showed up with couple of catalogues which mostly was about the technical information about the sockets and switches, and in spanish of course. For the next meeting he had a model of the switch he thought would suite the best, but in grey. The only brief I had given for the switch was, it had to be white or black. Luckily this range had the switches in white too. So volá, the switch decision had been done quite easily in the end! Of course, the switch wasn’t really what I was expecting it to be. You really should order the correct sample before you order anything. But even though the switch is more vanilla than white, and the texture is quite rough, in the end I’m very pleased with the range as it matches perfectly with the textiles in the house.


DSC07551 DSC07579