Looks like updating the dog breed into a spanish water dog, will not be enough to secure our house. Security has been the main topic within our family, because the house where we are living now, has been broken into three times during couple of years. And unluckily twice while we’ve been living there. So it’s been a real learning process for us to understand the fact, that first of all, there are people who are trying to get into your homes, and break and steal too. We have been a bit naives about this, I must admit. This is a very important topic, that you can’t just forget, even though I would rather not think about it at all. So what have we learnt in the end and what kind of improvements you can do to make sure the privacy of your house will not be violated?

After all what we have experienced, I will refuse to live the life in the way, that I have to think about our security all the time. Therefor the house itself will be very secure from the beginning. The existing fences are high already, and because we have to build more fences for the dogs anyway, the new ones will be high too. It’s also important to make sure that your house is out of the sight. The Spanish know this already of course. The older houses here, are generally built in the way that they look tiny from the street, even thought in reality the houses might be enormous villas. It’s very clever way to hide your wealthy, and be safe. So I’ll rather follow the typical spanish building method than start showing off, like the trend seems to be nowadays.

Most of the windows in our house have already bars, and I have no plans to remove them. Actually I’ll make sure there will be bars in every single window and glass door. The view used to be very important, but I’ve changed my mind. Actually I don’t really see the bars in the windows anymore. I know that the bars aren’t 100% secure either, but at least it’s a clear sign, that it will take a bit more than just to break the window to enter this house.

Today you can find several different alternatives for cameras, lights with motion sensors and general alarm systems. The lesson we’ve really learnt is, that never rely on only one system. It’s good to have a combination of all these, in case one has a fault or breaks down. Anyways, as told, I rather not think about too much about what kind of security we will build. Luckily my husband is a tech freak and he finds it very exciting to research and plan our security system. I just have to make sure he’s not turning our lovely finca into a fortress. The house will be our cosy home including a very good security, so that we don’t have to have any sleepless nights because of the lack of a proper security.