Polished concrete floor

The polished concrete floor really is my favourite material at the moment. It has superior durability and performance. It is a great alternative to marble, granite, tile or linoleum. The best thing is that it just seems to fit perfectly to old or new houses and interiors. It’s like a plain canvas for the artist. In our house it was also the cheapest option as all the floors have to have a concrete layer anyway. If you remember, we had to rebuild the floors downstairs. There we ended up having the polished concrete allover, expect in the bathrooms. So the floor downstairs has now seamless and smooth surface with the satin finish. You could also modify the colour of the concrete, but I’m really fond of the basic grey colour.

The staircase looks like a concrete too, but it’s actually microcement. Microcement works best in the bathrooms as it’s waterproof. From the concrete floor you need to clean spills and stains as quickly as possible so they don’t absorb into the surface. With microcement you don’t have this problem. And it’s brilliant for the staircases and other difficult areas as you can just add it on top of the old intact surface, thickness is only 2-3 mm, and it has endless options of colours and patterns to choose from. Of course you need to have a professional to do it or it might became a disaster.

For the bathroom floors the microcement would have work perfectly, but it would have been too plain with white walls.  Therefore I chose the antislip Melrose and Boston tiles from a spanish manufacturer Natucer. Compered to other floor materials in the house, these are fine. They match perfectly with our old terracotta tiles and also with the concrete floor. They actually look like they have always been in the house. Which is fine, but it doesn’t give me the sparkle every time I’m walking on it. But then again, it’s wasn’t very easy task to find a tile with antislip surface, size to make the slopes without braking them, or having the matching skirting tiles. Also the thickness was an important issue. That’s why we could’t have the 2 cm thick maroccon concrete tiles as planned. But with the tiles we chose in the end, we have no thresholds in any of the bathrooms and we could continue with same tiles into the shower area. And because the colour varies so much, it also is a stress free material. Even when it is the dirties floor with full of sand and mud, it looks just the same. I would say these tiles have the best dirt colour ever and are just perfect for the family life.
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