My dream villa

I’ve always dreamt about a villa in Toscana. You know the type of house i’m talking about, in the middle of nowhere between the hills, where you can see the sun setting down between cypress trees. Old stony rustic house that has it’s own character meaning, that in a reality you will spend the rest of your life trying to finish the house. I bet you all have seen several films that are painting this picture for you. So yes I was very much bought into that idea since I was a teenager. So much so, that I learnt to speak italian and made several trips there. Well life has it’s surprises as we all very well know. I didn’t end up to Toscana after all. I found myself from Costa del Sol, Spain. The area that I have never been too keen into. We’ve made here short holiday trips with my small children, but only really because it was an easy choice to travel to recharge your batteries. Today I’ve found the villa of my dreams from Andalucia. It has all the characters I’ve dreamt about. It’s an old andalucian finca that needs some renovation and rebuilding. It’s not in really super bad shape, but it has so much potential to be much more. It’s located next to a huge natural reserve area where you can see the sun setting down while you are picking up the oranges in your own garden. This is my and my family’s story about the villa, that we’ll refurbish and furnish inside out. So dear friends, fingers cross, hopefully this will be a journey that will have some exciting, inspiring moments in the world of architecture, interior design and spanish culture.