Moving in day

So finally the day arrived, the moving in day. The week before we were promised that the house will be ready to move in on wednesday, then friday and finally for sure next monday. This monday happened to be a very important day for me, as my husband was hospitalised after falling down from the ladders while installing the cameras. Moving in on monday was really the only positive thing for me at that time. So I was determined to end our stay in our friends’ house and make sure my husband will recover in our own house when ready to come home. From the morning I started to make sure that this was the monday, today, when I’ll be arriving with my luggage and kids and dogs and hamsters to sleep in our own beds and begin our life in our own house. 6 PM I arrived with the luggage only to be heard that I’m not able to enter, because they had just varnished our wooden floors. After calling our project manager and once again, this time crying with frustration, I explained that moving in really means we will be sleeping in the house tonight. Just before the day ended, we had two bedrooms clean enough to be able stay over. It wasn’t the way I had pictured our moving in, but at that point I was so happy we had made it. The next day was full of organising and making the house a home, emptying the floors, removing the boxes by the wall and trying to gather at least some furniture to sit and eat. The front yard was still fully under construction and I really again had to try make the workmen understand the meaning of today, as we needed a pathway clear enough to be able to roll in with the wheelchair. This time there was no surprises and I was able to pick up my husband and get him inside through the main entrance. We had moved in.