Master bathroom reference pictures

The important things, when talking about the bathrooms, are functionality and material choices. All the materials have to be very easy to clean. When you are looking for ideas from the magazines and go through the amazing bathrooms with glass walls and white marble floors, the reality is, that these kind of bathrooms are not made for living. The glass walls have to be cleaned nearly every day to keep them spotless. Especially here in Andalucia the problem with chalk in the water is enormous. It basically can ruin the whole bathroom and it’s furniture. I don’t like either the technical stain free glass, that you can choose often for the shower divider walls. I think these glass walls are more like magnets for the dust and dirt. Because of these problems all shower walls in our house will be just white painted brick walls, perfect to clean and doesn’t show the chalk.

When the walls are just white, the importance of the floor material is enormous. Again I want easy to maintain one. I know you can find here easily help for cleaning, but still I want them too to spend the time with more important parts of the house, than hours in the bathroom. So even I love the marble stones, you should not use it on the floor. There are only few types of marbles that doesn’t act like sponges and absorb everything inside. Other problem with marble on the floor is that they are often very slippery. The treatments you can order to marble not to be slippery doesn’t work too well either. The treatment can distroy the look of the marble or again are difficult to clean. So I’ll definitely choose a non-slippery floor tile with enough pattern to forgive the stains on the floor.

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