Master bathroom plan

To make the bathroom as spacious as possible, the wardrobes will be removed from this bathroom. With this change the size of the bathroom will be perfect. You can fit there a good size bathtub, shower, separate toilet and washbasins. I always wanted to have the bathtub in the middle of the room. Now it’s possible. There were actually several options to the location of the bathtub, but I think the best one is in front of the window. Because this is the only window somehow visible to the neighbours, it has to have a privacy glass or curtains.

A lot have been talked about the sunlight in the bathroom. The bathroom has to be well lit. The straight sun light is not ideal at all. Therefor the natural location for the shower and toilet is on the north side, in shade. These spaces can be lighted easily with wall or ceiling lamps. The washbasins will be in the middle of the room to get the all available light.

The washbasins or basin, will have a perfect location by the toilet and shower. In Spain you have normally two washbasins in the master bedrooms. I think I would prefer one big one, but let’s see what kind of furniture I’ll find for it. This time I’ll try to find a ready made washbasin with couple of drawers as it can be just a modern white one.

I’ve never found the bidet toilets very useful. In our house they have been only used for washing the dogs. So instead of adding them in every bathroom, like proposed, I’ll rather import the bidet faucets from Finland. Bidet faucet is a washbasin tap with small hand shower. Super practical. And something I’ve really missed here.

Master-bathroom Master-bathroom2