DSC05951DSC05956DSC06037In the living room I can see us as a family sitting comfy around the fireplace. Dogs snoring on the sofa. So harmonious and peaceful.

I would like to create a space, where we can relax without TV. TV in our family is only used for watching movies, series and playing games. So instead of adding that big black box into a living room, I’ll rather have the TV room somewhere else, where you’ll  have a good sound system and sound insulation too. So many evenings we have spent in the living room together, but still all doing our own things with phones or iPads. It sounds a bit sad, but then again, we are together and sharing things what we see and do. So instead of my husband replying to work emails, me searching for nice interior pictures, my daughter chatting in Instagram and son playing Minecraft in our own rooms, I’ll rather have the space where we can do all this together. I also strongly think, that it’s very important to have children near us when they use these new devices and go to internet. Then you can keep an eye on them and you are near by to advice them too. So really the question that arises here is, what is the purpose of the living room today? Will it be just an empty, nice looking room, if you dear to move the TV away?

Because the weather here is so good, another thing I’m wondering is, how much we will use the living room in the end? What kind of living room areas we’ll have outdoors? When it’s very hot, will we rather go inside or outside into a shade? When we’ll be living in our new house, I’ll let you know if we are using the living room at all in the end.