Lighting, the most important thing with the interiors. It doesn’t matter how great your house is, if the lighting has been designed badly. Bad lighting can destroy everything, for example colours of the furniture, but it can also give you headaches or make you distressed. Normally I strongly recommend hiring a lighting specialist or at least to consult with your light supplier to avoid any grand mistakes. Of course, in our own house we did exactly what I always don’t recommend, we did it by ourselves with a help from the architect and electrician.

The general lighting is created with normal ceiling lights, mostly hanging. I only accepted downlights in the kitchen and bathrooms. There the feeling is more modern and modern lighting solutions works well too. With lighting I always try to find a solution that fits well with the house architecture. So many times old houses have the latest lighting solution chosen from the nearest hardware store. Yes it’s just easy, but also in most cases, the unsuitable solution too. With a little effort finding another solution, you’ll add an extra value in the house by choosing a more professional lighting solution. The general lighting is to be used occasionally, only when you need really strong light, for cleaning for example. The most important value of the hanging light is being the interior feature. With a hanging lamp, you can collect interiors together, or add contrast in it.

The ambient light is the where the art comes in. It’s the kind of lighting that creates the atmosphere. To be sure not to destroy the feeling of the house, we added several sockets for floor and table lamps. In the end we went a bit overboard with these sockets, but at least it gives the freedom now to modify the lighting levels.

We also have wall lights around the patio and all the exterior lights are traditional Andalucian wall fixtures. Here the idea was to have soft friendly lighting to be used night time. This ambient can be created by using a correct light pulp. Nowadays you can get really lost when buying a light pulp. You need first to choose whether to have energy saver, LED or halogen one. The other important thing is the colour. For softer colour choose 2700-3000 K, basically this is great for all the ambient lights. In the bathrooms, cooler colour works better, that’s 4000 K. The best way is just to test. Make sure the pulp itself is small enough to be hidden. Nothing is more disturbing than visible light pulp or LED strip. If the pulp is meant to be visible, for example in the hanging lights, you can choose the antique looking model or just simple clean LED, so when looking into it, it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Generally our lighting design was done by my husband. He enjoys counting watts and making sure light levels, colours and angles were correct. The only problem really was that we were insecure to remove any light spots while drawing the electricity plans. Therefor, for example we have too much light in all the bathrooms, because we have always two wall lights next to the mirror and also one hanging lamp. In the end it’s much better to have more light where you can choose from, than missing light points. Adding lights is nearly impossible or at least very expensive to be added after the walls are closed and painted.