DSC05963DSC05970This kitchen has the best view ever. It is facing the natural park. To really enjoy the view and sun light, I’m hoping to make the windows wider. But that is something we’ll see later if it’s possible or not. The exterior wall is very very thick, so it might be too difficult or expensive to do. Thankfully all the dividing walls of the existing kitchen can be knocked down. The only load bearing wall is perfectly located so, that it will divide the kitchen and pantry. Ideally then we’ll have a clean and tidy kitchen most of the time, and dishwashers (yes finally I’ll have space for two) will be hidden in the pantry together with the dry storage. In the pantry we’ll have also space for extra fridge and recycling area. Recycling here in Andalucia is not very common yet, but of course we’ll do our part and hopefully one day every family will do it too. Other great thing is I’ll have the space for an island. The island will be used as a family dining table, facing outside of course. The other purpose for it will be chopping and baking counter. That’s why I’ll place oven and sink by the window wall.