Kids’ rooms

Meanwhile I try to swallow the fact, that I’m not too happy with my bathroom floortile choices, I’ll tell you more about what we have done with kids’ bedrooms. The kids’ rooms are located in the other end of the house. Our son’s room was naturally chosen to be the darker one with less sunlight, as he really enjoys playing in the darkness, curtains closed. This room was perfect without any structural changes. Between the wardrobes, was left a perfect space for a wide desk in front of the window. What else a boy needs in his bedroom? Nice bed and space to play with legos, nothing more. In his room it’s important that the room will work also when he is growing older. Therefor I’m looking for very basic furniture for him. The decoration and colours will be chosen by him, and these are something that can be changed easily when he wants to have an update in his room. The children are growing up so quickly and also their interests change constantly. That’s why I rather choose something inexpensive for them, so the design can be changed when they want to.

The bedroom of our daughter was missing the light and it was much smaller that the other bedroom. To solve these two problems, the tiny back room from  the kitchen was possible to be connected to her bedroom. Eventhough the added space is not enormous, it gives the extra room for the desk for example. The biggest benefit was the sunlight, that really brightened up the room.

Both bathrooms need a full renovation. The only big choice we had to do here was, whether to have a shower or bathtub. And of course it was bathtub for both of them. The whole family enjoys having a bath especially when it’s colder here. With the project team we played a lot with the layout of these two bathrooms. In Spain, all the bathrooms should have a window. This was something I had never heard before. I always thought, the only reason for a window in the bathroom, was air ventilation. That was obviously only one reason as we really spent hours trying to find a solution where both bathrooms will have windows. In the end, I decided not to knock down walls for that. For us it doesn’t matter as long the ventilation is taken care other way, and the lighting is good.

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