House drawings

Our house is one of the oldest houses in this area. Or so I’m told. The building year varies in every document I’ve seen. Anyway, the first time we visited it, I have to say, I was very confused about the layout. It’s been built in a typical spanish way by just adding rooms whenever they have needed an extra space. Today it has several small rooms in the row creating a problem with the flow. During the years, all the plans have disappeared somewhere. They weren’t found from the city either. Before we dared to give an offer, I really needed the house plans. I had to make sure that we’ll be able to do all the changes we need to connect the rooms. The only option to get the plans was just to measure the rooms and make a good guess about the layout and the load bearing walls. As you can see the biggest problem with the flow, is the distance between the children’s bedrooms and the master bedroom. In the future this layout will be great, but right now children can’t feel isolated from us.