Living under the sun really makes you think, the only form of heating you should have is the energy from the solar panels. The problems we faced trying to make it happen, was the quantity of solar panels we would need. It would have easily taken the whole south-west facing roof. Even thought the panels would have been located in the park side, they still are not very pretty and it would have really affected the architecture of the house. When we understood the solar energy couldn’t be collected, but only used straight away, we decided not to heat the house with the solar energy. It’s not the sunny days when you need to put the heating on, but the cloudy and rainy days when you don’t get enough energy from the sun. But heating the water with solar energy makes all sense. The roof of our garage will be made of solar panels. The location is perfect, it’s facing all day long the sun and also the architecture of the roof is modern. Heating the water doesn’t need so much energy, so it should save money in the long run too, as you can heat the water nearly every day only with the sun.

For the general heating we ended up choosing gas. It’s commonly used here and you can trust that the maintenance will be taken care of well. The oil heating is not very common here, and we have had quite many problems with oil burner earlier. The house only needs to have heating on three four months a year. So cost wise, it was the best solution to go with gas or oil. Unfortunately all environmental issues I had to forget here. Hopefully in the future the solar energy will be developed to a point where it will be a real alternative when deciding the heating in Andalucia.

Inside the house we have a combination of under floor heating and radiators. Under the wooden floors we have the water under floor heating, and in the bathrooms also. Saving the original terracotta floor tiles forced us choosing the radiators elsewhere. Thankfully Roca has a radiator model with a simple and clear design called Dubal. These radiators were installed around the house. The locations I had to go through several times, as it seemed that the plumbers really liked these radiators so much too, that they wanted to have them always in the prime locations, in the middle of the biggest wall.

For the bedrooms we also installed Daikin’s room air conditioners, or air pumps as I’m used to call them. They’ve been super during these hot summer nights. We wouldn’t have been able to sleep without them at all. And for winter, they will give the extra heat in case the radiators are not enough, or if we don’t really need to have the heating on but just to heat up the rooms a bit.