The thing I love the most in our new home, is the fact that you don’t have really any design rules or styles you need to follow. I have free hands to mix old andalusian and modern scandinavian furniture and anything else that just will fit. August went by with unpacking boxes from Finland and from our rental house here. It was like a christmas, as you really forget so quickly what you have packed. It’s so great to have finally your own furniture. But of course we only had a basic set of things, so Ikea has been a life saver. I just have to be very careful always in Ikea as I can easily collect everything from there because it’s so easy and they do have nice furniture. But hopefully I have done now all the visits to Ikea for some time.

Surprisingly Sotogrande has great interior shops too, so I could save some energy and sweat not to drive any further. Seriously you can only do just few things during the summer time. When it’s more than 30C, I can feel the energy disappearing and even thinking is not very clear anymore. Manapany Home has a lovely collection and they seem to have new items weekly. From there I found the rattan dining chairs that are brilliant inside and out chairs. Summer time they are perfect in the patio, and for rainy season I’ll take them inside and just mix and match the chairs with Gervasoni’s Ghost dining chairs. Even though the rattan chairs look great, I’m a a bit worried about how they will last as the rattan stripes are quite thin and if used wrongly might brake. I wouldn’t recommend these kind of chairs to homes with kids. I have strong believe now that our kids know how to use these chairs, or how not to use them. But it wouldn’t be the first time the chair gets broken when being used as part of the building the playhouse.

Ghost furniture by Gervasoni keeps pleasing my eyes years after years. They are great for the family with kids and pets. Removable upholstery is a must as you can wash them so easily. With Ghost you can dare to choose light colours too, just make sure the fabric is washable. And when choosing the fabric for sofa, check also the martindales. Even for home I wouldn’t choose fabric that has less than 20 000 martindales. Nothing is more annoying than your new sofa gets thread breakage or pilling. Here in Spain it’s especially important to check also the test results for colourfastness. Colourfastness to light is a measure of how permanent a color is on fabric after exposure to light. Upholstery fabrics should have a minimum rating of 4. Even if sofa will not be in the direct sunlight, the UV can really damage the fabric quickly.

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