The gardens in Spain can be truly amazing. People here take such a good care of their gardens. It’s thought to be a part of the maintaining the house. But of course the gardens can be also easily destroyed by an enthusiastic house owner. I think this has been the case in our garden. Over the years the variety of different kind of plants and flowers has become overwhelming. I think you can find most of the Andalucian plants from our garden. Expect of course the Mediterranean herbs and other plants that you can find from the campo side, the ones I really like.  Actually during this renovation project, I have found new kind of fruit trees that I have ever heard before. And it was only until last month when I realised we also have a nectarine tree. So we actually have more or less all the plants already. So before we remove or replace these plants, I wanted to make kind of memory line of some flora we have had in the garden. Most of the flora I’m planning to keep, only relocate, but some exited workmen have unfortunately already thought that some of the plants have been on their way and removed them to the skip.




DSC06651DSC06192 DSC05895 DSC05868DSC06230DSC07274DSC06648