The first floor

So here’s the layout of the first floor. With this plan I started to look for architects and constructors. In Finland I could renovate my house without any permission or architect, but here all the drawings will be sent to the city and we’ll need also a permission before we can start the work. To be able to start quickly I needed a technical architect to draw my ideas. So I was asking around and telling everyone what we were about to do. People here are super helpful and the best way to get things done is to ask help. So I was like a investigator following the leads I received. Over all I have to say that you have several good alternatives around. The architect office we finally chose, was the one who understood that this is my project and I really only need help with technical issues as I have only a faint idea how the houses are built in Spain. The architect office had some very good ideas too, so together with them my good plans begin to grow into a great ones. They also offered the project management, which was great as I don’t want to deal with constructors with my poor spanish. So I think we have super team now to do this project. Fingers cross it will continue like this till the end.