I haven’t been able to research the spanish entrances and fences only by googling. You can hardly find any good reference pictures from the internet. The entrance is the first impression you get from the whole house, so I would guess it would be also worth of photographing, but obviously not. This time, the only good way of finding ideas for our entrance, has been keeping the eyes open while driving around the neighbourhoods. Below you can see some ideas found from Pinterest. As i couldn’t dare taking pictures from others houses here, I strongly suggest you to visit the area.

We will have two main doors. The first one is when you enter the courtyard from the street. It has to be clear for everyone from where to enter the house, which door is the main one. By the street the only way to add visibility is with scale and/or colour. As ee don’t have space for any other arrangements here, the door will be framed to make it look grand. Colour wise we will keep it simple, just white. Adding nice wall lanterns and house name will give that little extra for our entrance.

The car entrance will be much more simpler, because it will be used mainly by us. The visitors will be guided to the main entrance.

The other main door is the exterior door of the house. We’ve been thinking a lot of changing the location of this door to the middle of the house, so that you would enter straight to the courtyard. But in the end decided to keep it where it is now, just to save the extra pavement works from our front yard. This main door we need to renew. It has to have better insulation, because it’s not anymore exterior space after we have added glazing around the courtyard. By this door we can add plants and flowers to decorate the entrance area.

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