Dining room facing kitchen  Dining room facing living roomBetween the kitchen and living room there is a dining room. It’s a good size room with beautiful andalucian floor tiles. This room together with the living room really only needs white paint. As from the living room, also from the dining room we’ll remove the glass doors that are facing the corridor next to the courtyard. This way the whole house will open up totally and the flow between the rooms will be much better. Now you are forced to walk through all the rooms. After removing the doors, all these rooms will be connected. The only question here is, what shall we do with the extra space. The real change in the dining room will be the atmosphere. You can enjoy here the view of the natural park and the courtyard. As it normally is late night and dark when this room will be used, I believe you’ll naturally enjoy more lovely lit courtyard with the water feature than the dark forest. Therefore we decided not to add any more windows towards the natural park. The room is very bright even with the red paint now, so with white washing, it will be just perfect. The extra window would only cost more, and as I said earlier, we wouldn’t really sit there to enjoy it anyway. So dear friends, here’s the room where your dinner will be set. Hopefully we’ll get a lot of use for it and several happy new memories with our friends.