Dining rooms, always a challenge. How do you furniture a dining room so it’s cosy enough to be used every day and fancy enough to be changed into a setting of a dinner party. For me it’s important that all rooms will be used every day. Your own house should not be designed only for visitors. The dining room has been normally used in our family also as an office. But now, I’m getting tired of trying to keep it tidy. Our dinner table is always full of computers, paper piles, kids homework and at the moment even a sewing machine as my daughter started a new hobby. You have this picture in your mind of clean, clear, white dining room with only couple of very well chosen pieces of decoration, right. How to make it happen in reality? First of all, we’ll have an office. It’s going to be downstairs. So let’s see how much time I’ll spend there. For sure the sewing machine will be moved into an office. Kids homework I hope will stay on this table in the future too. The furniture will be here then only a large table with comfortable chairs and maybe a nice side table to add the decoration.