Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

We have our storage full of old furniture left by previous owners, including lamps, paintings, chairs, tables and other wooden furniture. They are mostly traditional spanish furniture, which is great, as they already look lovely even without any paint. But with some lovely greys and different finishes these furniture will look amazing! Our office will be located downstairs, but now I think it will be first a workshop, where we can enjoy exploring the many finishing alternatives of this paint. And try it on different materials too, as you don’t need to care about the material, finishes or removing the old surface. With this paint you’ll get into the painting straight away. My inspiration normally dies quickly if I have to sand off the varnish first, but now there is going to be a new problem. All the surfaces are now in danger to get some paint!

We had a workshop to try out the chalk paint and learn new methods to how to use it. The left square I painted with Paris Grey and finished it with dark and clear wax. The dark wax was brilliant way to age the the paint and to add some industrial look into it. In the middle square, I used two different tones of olive green and a bit white wash. The result looks aged with several layers of paint. For the square on right, I chose three different greys, and with a knife, I added some pattern into it. It turned out to be surprisingly three dimensional. So you can see how creative you can be with the chalk paint. It has endless possibilities and colours. I know our whole family will love to be participating with this painting project!

So if you haven’t heard about this paint before, I’ll include couple of links where can you see and find out more about Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and be inspired like I am. And naturally I’ll post you the pictures of these furniture, when they are all painted. I’m hoping to get some edge into our interiors by combining the modern and old furniture. Let’s see how it will work out!

IMG_0263IMG_0272IMG_0265 IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0277 IMG_0278 IMG_0290