Antique doors

Finding the antique doors in Andalucia is like a treasure hunt. The best warehouses are all located somewhere in the countryside near Ronda. If you try to google them, you can be sure not to find too many. And this is only because, believe it nor not, they do not have own websites or Facebook sites. I have no idea how they can survive without one. Therefor, the only way to find the warehouses was just asking around if anyone could guide from where to find the good deals. Luckily friend of mine has an architect father who organised us a visit into the warehouse in Gaucin. Kind of knowing where to head, we left late and in a hurry to drive towards this small mountain village. With the good instructions we found the place easily. An hour drive on serpentine roads with empty tummies felt like a proper whole day trip, but it really was worth it. What a place! In the middle of nowhere, there was this beautiful white warehouse full of amazing old doors in all sizes, for interior and exterior. We really only need one exterior door for the fence, but when you are surrounded by these doors, you easily start thinking that all of your doors should be like these. What we also figured out was, that most of our doors actually look more or less like these antique doors. So instead of buying a new old door, we decided to use our old exterior door for the fence and buy brand new doors with good insulation for our  other exterior doors. In the end the price is more or less the same for old and new anyway.


DSC06936-2 DSC06938-2 DSC06939-2